We offer hair extension services to our beautiful ladies. Are clip-in hair extensions really something you should try at least once in your life? I didn’t use to think so, but recently I added them to my bucket list alongside having a walk-in closet, travel the world, fall madly in love, swim with dolphins, make out with someone with pop rocks in my mouth, dive into a pool of chocolate, write a book, join the Peace Corps, fly first class – you know, all the important things in life! And the truth is, once you try them, you’ll always come back for more.

It’s almost like starting to use eyeliner or Instagram for the first time. In the beginning, you weren’t even aware of how much of a difference it would make, so you weren’t really dying to try it, it was more the peer pressure weighing on you than anything else. But once you went there and started using them, there was no going back. Questions like: “How was I able to live so long without this?” and “Why didn’t anybody tell me about them before?” will come to mind!

  Olga Filip Hair Extensions Studio is a Chicago's premier Hair studio offers modern hair styles, color, keratin treatments ,hair cuts and extensions. We use only high qaulity and non chemical products. Call today for a better hair tomorrow! If you've ever experienced even a tiny bit of frizz, i would highly recommend to try a keratin treatment (or Brazilian blowout, or smoothing treatment)—the "miracle" way to get smoother, shinier hair in just one appointment. If, you know, you’re into that ultra-sleek look.

  So many hairstyles are trending this year. Hairstyle is very important in men’s fashion nowadays.It’s pretty difficult to get the trending and perfect hairstyle for a fresh and cool look.Including new designs, some old and classic hairstyles are also back with the new look in trending hairstyles this year.Olga Filip Hair Studio is offering men;s cuts as well. She also gets inspired by some popular media personality’s hairstyles. Every man has a different type of hairs such as thick hair, rare hair, straight hair, curly hair, long hair, short hair etc.So he should choose a perfect hairstyle according to his hair and head type.